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I’m about to cross the bridge
Leaving behind a place
That I once considered my sanctuary
That now became a nightmare

Alone I cross this feeble bridge
With a river of tears flowing beneath it
Emanating from the windows of my soul
Stop it I cannot and will not

Just let me cross the bridge
Alone I must on this grueling stretch
What lies at the end I don’t know
Good or bad it can actually be so

Trish Castro
16 December 2014



Define farce
Is it these roles
That we play
When we’re with
Each other
Face to face
And that we play
When we’re with

Answer this farce
If it’s a question at all
This farce that’s
Confusing both of us
That destroys the future
Ahead of us

Explain this farce
Is it these stares
That dart my soul
When you look
At me quietly
And that kills me
Stabs me gently

End this farce
Put a finality
Is it black or white
Just end this farce
With truth you’ll end it

Let’s give this farce a chance
To turn into something real
Let’s give this farce a fresh take
And turn it into something real

Trish Castro
15 December 2014