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I’m Not A Car Girl

I read an article published by Top Gear PH on their website about 10 things only girls who love cars understand. I guess I’m not a “car girl” after all. What I am is a girl who at least tries to know her car, and knows how to drive like a real good driver should.

1) Change two tires every two years (Each pair lasts 4 years.) I get my tires from Minerva Tyre Gallery along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road. Reasonably priced tires, great promo (20 minutes or else you get P500 off), and great service.

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2) Make sure everything works. If something is broken, I’d have it fixed as soon as I can.
3) Tune-up once a year at our neighborhood mechanic.
4) Scratches and dents (from car doors banging on mine while parked, and squeezing motorcycles) irk me. I will try to use a compound, but if I can’t, I know when to give up.
5) Personally wax my car when I’m in the mood (at least quarterly).
6) I wash my car weekly (not unless I prefer to run instead).
7) I spend time admiring my shiny black car after washing–and post it online.

8) I drive like a taxi driver in the city (survival skills) and a true Southern driver along expressways.
9) I know what “Overtaking Lane” means. APPARENTLY, SOME MALE DRIVERS DON’T.
maxi-scooter 500 photo expessway1-2.jpg
11) I dream of buying my own power hose to wash my car with.
12) I also dream of buying my own buffer for DIY auto detailing.
13) I know how to replace a flat tire. Done it twice—alone.

14) I have an air pump in my trunk for emergency.
15) I can reverse- and parallel-park with ease. Have no fear of inclined planes.


16) I use an app to monitor my fuel consumption and service done on my car. (Pardon the currency. I have been figuring out how to change that to PHP. Trust me, I’m a tech geek. The discrepancy is caused by neglect in syncing data.)


I guess I’m not much of a “car girl”, but I’m awesome driving in the city.

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