FreshGrade: A Cursory Glance

Just explored a newly-discovered Class Management website called FreshGrade. It’s still in its beta stages, but I see a lot of potential for this. The main features are:

1. Portfolio building of each student in class
2. Consolidated Gradebook
3. Class posting of activities/assessments
4. Students individually submit output, and only teacher can see it
5. Ability of students to comment privately on class assessments
6. Teacher can give feedback to students regarding their submissions, by directly commenting on the submission
7. Students do not need to create an account. Teacher creates the account for each student, and gives them a Class Code and a unique Student Code

FreshGrade Dashboard

Then again, no opportunity for collaboration among students. Communication is only between 1 student and the teacher.

It’s like a cross between iTunes U (posting of activities are organised) and Edmodo (ability to send files to the teacher). Let’s see if they will add this feature to make a student’s comment visible to all members of the class, but submissions are done individually. 

Also, maybe other than placing objectives, there is also a tab for course outline. 

I love the interface of FreshGrade. It’s engaging. I hope that this can be the iTunes U that we wanted. 🙂


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