Europe Trip Costs

When my friends found out I came from a recent 22-day trip to Europe with my sister, they were all interested in how much it costed us to get through the trip.

I will try my best to re-trace the expenses we made sans the shopping costs to come up with the ultimate 22-day budget trip to Europe.


1st Step. Book your flight. You kinda need this to apply for your VISA. Accommodation reservations are fine. They will do for VISA application.

KLM Round Trip (Entry in Rome, Exit through London Heathrow): $1,455.00

(includes Airport Taxes including NAIA)

2nd Step. Get Insurance. I got mine through BlueCross. You can get this by faxing an application form for their policy and pay by giving them your credit card details. I didn’t experience any fraudulent transactions in my credit card.

BlueCross: P2,388 (Euro 44 Premium)

3rd Step. Get your VISAs. UK Visas (contrary to the list of requirements) are easier to get and more understanding. In my experience, Schengen VISA applied through Italian embassy, are difficult. They need more definitive bookings to prove your travel.

Schengen VISA – P2,300

UK Visa – $129.00

4th Step. Accommodation. I found out about which is one of the best new things I learned this year. It’s classified ads for rooms and flats worldwide being rented out by private people for short term and long term lease. I painstakingly scavenged through the ads and looked for flats that my sister and I can use for ourselves without sharing with strangers. Some might prefer, however, to mingle with other travelers.

Rome lodging: 4 nights, € 269 (for two) ~ P15,188 (P7,594/head)

Vienna lodging: 3 nights, € 184 (for two) ~ P10,341 (P5,170.50/head)

Madrid lodging: 4 nights, € 202 (for two) ~ P11,353 (P5,676.50/head)

Paris lodging: 4 nights, € 180 (for two) ~ P10,116 (P5,058/head)

London lodging: 4 nights, € 277 (for two) ~ P15,568 (P7,784/head)


So, you already have a flight to and from Europe, and a place to sleep in. You’re now worried about the daily expenses: Museum and sights entrance fees, transportation and food.

Transportation and food costs differ from every country even if they use the same currency.



  • To and From the airport (Terravision): € 8.00 (per head)
  • From one sight to another: Free (walking is the cheapest way to go around)
  • Day trip to Florence: € 63.00


  • Breakfast: Our lodging served breakfast
  • Lunch and Dinner: € 10.00/head per meal (Really decent meal) x 2 meals x 5 days

Museum fees:

  • Vatican Museum: € 16.00/head
  • Colloseo/Roman Forums: € 12.00/head

Plane Fare to Vienna: Austrian Airlines = $185.00



  • To and From the airport (Taxi): € 66.00
  • Train ticket: € 6.70 (one day unlimited) Vienna trains do not check tickets diligently. You can get on a tram and a subway train without swiping the card. So you can get away with this one day unlimited ride for 4 days. Just don’t get caught. If you get caught, show them your unused ticket. 🙂
  • From one sight to another: Free (walk)


  • Breakfast: We prepared our own breakfast. Just got some sausages from the nearby grocery. Bill total € 15.00.
  • Lunch and Dinner: € 10.00/head per meal (budget meal) x 2 meals x 4 days

Museum fees:

  • Spanish Riding School: € 16.00
  • Mozart Haus: € 10.00

Plane Fare to Madrid: Vueling Airlines = € 107.15



  • To and From the airport (Metro): € 20.00 (Or take Aerocity Airport Shuttle for Euro 60.00)
  • Getting around Madrid: 3-Day Metro Tourist Unlimited Rides = € 18.60
  • Segovia Bus (Round Trip): € 14.55


  • Grocery for Breakfast: € 15.00
  • Lunch and Dinner: € 10.00/head per meal (Really decent meal) x 2 meals x 5 days

Museum fees:

  • Prado Museum: Free after 6:00 PM (Museum closes at 8:00 PM)
  • Alcazar (Castle in Segovia): € 4.50
  • Cathedral in Segovia: € 3.00

Plane Fare to Paris: Vueling Airlines = € 97.99



  • From the airport: SuperShuttle (One Way) = € 31.00
  • Getting around Paris: Paris Metro Tourist Pass (3 days, Zones 1-3) = € 23.40


  • Grocery for Breakfast: € 15.00
  • Lunch and Dinner: € 10.00/head per meal (Really decent meal) x 2 meals x 5 days

Museum fees:

  • Louvre: € 11.00
  • Musee D’Orsay: € 12.00

Train to London: Eurostar = $180.00



  • Taxi to the Airport:London Airport Transfer = £ 35.00 (for two)
  • Oyster Card (Top-up card on demand): £ 18.00 (with 15.00 load)
  • Top-up total in excess of the load: £ 17.20


  • Grocery for Breakfast: £ 15.00
  • Lunch and Dinner: £ 10.00/head per meal (Really decent meal) x 2 meals x 5 days

Museum fees:

  • Churchill Museum: £ 17.00
  • Mamma Mia (West End Musical): £ 67.50 (Stalls seat)
  • Concert at the Royal Ablert Hall: £ 70.00 (Lodge seat)

Grand Total: P189,402.07 ($4,371.15)

Benchmark: Typical 2-week Guided Tour package around key cities in Italy = $3,000.00

I think, an extra $1,371.15 is not bad to be able to visit 4 extra major cities in Europe, and visit must-see places around Europe in one trip. Especially if you’re only making this trip to Europe once in your lifetime.

Still expensive? You can scrimp on the following:

  • Food: Further lower it to Euro 7.00 per meal, or don’t eat heavy dinner.
  • Museums: Visit museums that are free on certain days/times or free all the time
  • Shows: Don’t watch
  • Transportation: Don’t take the airport shuttle. Take the Metro instead.
  • Plane Fare/Train: Book really early. Prices are way cheaper when you book at least 4 months ahead of time.

This is not the best budget traveling costing I may have come up with, but I think this is pretty realistic and reasonable for all the places we have visited, and the culture you cannot learn anywhere else than by being immersed in them.

If you have a better estimate, I’m sure my readers would also love to get some better idea. Leave your comment below for everybody’s information.

Want to see our itinerary for this trip? Click here.

Tip: Exchange your currency in your home country. They tax currency exchanges in Europe, which they call “commission”. Don’t be fooled by Money changers that advertise “No Commission” because their exchange rates are crazy high.


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