Hotel Centro, Puerto Princesa: A Review

I don’t normally make a review just on a hotel. Normally I place my hotel reviews on TripAdvisor, but this hotel deserves its own blog. LOL! Here it goes:

Hotel Transfer

I like this hotel because it offered free airport transfers. The hotel driver was already there outside the airport with his placard and dressed very 5-star like compared to the other representatives from other hotels and travel agencies. Impressive! They didn’t pack us all up in one van so we had more than enough space inside without the other groups rubbing their skin on ours. They placed the other group in another van. The driver even gave a simple introduction about Puerto Princesa although he didn’t speak in straight English for our foreigner co-rider but his English enunciation is quite okay mixed with some Tagalog expressions and prepositions. Not bad. 🙂


This is where it becomes a little inconvenient. We booked a Family Suite with 1 queen sized bed and a twin bed. Only 2 adults are free for this room. My sister and I needed to pay extra person fees. Okay, it’s a family suite with beds good for three persons, why pay for two extra persons? In effect we are paying for two extra persons just as expensive as getting another deluxe room. What did we do? We just booked another deluxe room. This is crazy pricing. The family suite is not worth their money. Someone else could have booked the deluxe room.

The good part is their welcome drinks. No
sarcasm here because I love their lemongrass drink! It’s the best free drink I’ve had. It was cold and refreshing I want to stick them up for it’s recipe! 🙂

The Family Suite

Upon entering your room you’re welcomed by a small living room cooled by a window type aircondition unit. Not impressive. A sliding glass door divides the master bedroom with a split type aircondition unit. So-so. The TV is small not proportionate to the room. The bathroom has unmaximized space which I think they can convert into a dresser.


The sink space is not enough for all the women’s toiletries, vanity bags and other beauty product routines. It’s cramped. Amenities are ample.

Verdict: With 50% discount, okay, but not great.

Breakfast Buffet

Ah. The reason why this hotel deserves its own blog. 🙂

There were only 3 viands to choose from: pork tocino, hotdog sautéed in mushrooms, bell pepper, onions and ketchup, and fried lamayo. Disappointing choices for a typical Filipino family because this is just the typical breakfast we have at home. On another table, they have arroz caldo, breads, mango jam, pineapple jam, and watermelon jam. There were also fruits and cereals. The humor to this breakfast is the bread toaster that has a conveyor mechanism. Make sure you’re ready to catch the dinner roll you placed in the toaster because the dinner roll rolls! Hahaha! Gosh I was lucky the stainless tongs were open and it barred the bread from totally rolling to the floor! 😀

Overall, they basically served processed foods. Poor foreign guests who want to feel at home, they’re left with bread and fruits to eat. You wish they could serve bacon and hams that go with their bread and adobo that does not fail to please even foreign taste buds. Oh and their jams were not jams nor marmalades. They were more like chutney. Haha!


And of course, service. There were tables that had dirty dishes laying there for almost half an hour and no staff was bussing them out. Our chosen table was not set. It didn’t have glasses and utensils and the coffee condiments were not replenished.

This review is to be continued. 🙂

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