Budget already in place, why harp on passing of RH Bill?

CBCP for Life has conveniently reported to us how Sen. Sotto, the most cyberbullied Senator in the Philippines, enumerated the different projects that address all the concerns outlined in the RH Bill. Pro-RH advocates claim the RH Bill needs to be enacted into a law so that mothers can be given necessary health care facilities for healthy birthing, to be given access to contraceptives. However, even without the RH Bill, the budget is already in place for Reproductive Health. Allow me to re-post the list of 2012 projects here from the CBCP For Life website:

Reproductive Health Programs totalling already P7B:

1. Health Human Resource Development – P1,905,105,000.00
2. Capability Building – P14,431,200.00
3. Support Maternal, Newborn at Child Health at Nutrition (MNCHN) Grants – P167,000,000.00
4. Health Facilities Enhancement Program to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of reducing maternal deaths – P5,078,000,000.00
5. Women’s Health at Safe Motherhood Project II, for maternity or birthing clinics – P122,857,000.00
6. Family Health and Responsible Parenting Leveraging Services, for family planning supplies, MNCHN Commodities – P300,000,000.00
7. Commission on Population, Grants, subsidies and contributions for population programs – P148,389,000.00; coordination of population policy and programs – P220,252,000.00
8. Family Health and Responsible Parenting, including seminars for birth spacing and responsible parenthood; reproduction of the Manual of Operation on Adolescent Health -P500,000.00; Family Health Guide – P35,000,000.00; Community Health Team (CHT) Organization, Training and Deployment Manual – P31,250,000.00; Community Health Team Guidebook (Helping Families Access Health Care)
9. Health Promotion – P153,230,000.00

Exisiting laws, Administrative Orders, Presidential Decrees and other Programs that make RH Bill redundant:

1. R.A. 9710 or An Act Providing for Magna Carta for Women
2. Republic Act No. 9262 or Anti-Violence against Women and Children
3. Republic Act No. 8504 or Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998
4. AO 2008-0029 Implementing Health Reforms for Rapid Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality
5. Children’s Health Program of the DOH
6. Family Planning Program of the DOH
7. Prevention and Management Control of Abortion and its Complications (PMAC)
8. PD No. 965 or A decree requiring applicant for marriage license to receive instructions on family planning and responsible parenthood
9. R.A. 7883 or the Barangay Health Workers Benefits and Incentives Acts of 1995
10. R.A. 7160 or The Local Government Code of the Philippines
11. AO No. 2010-0036–The Aquino Health Agenda: Achieving Universal Health Care for all Filipinos
12. Women’s Health and Safe Motherhood Project ng DOH
13. Republic Act No. 8504 or Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998
14. Republic Act No. 7875 o ang National Health Insurance Act of 1995
15. Republic Act No. 9502 o ang Cheaper Medicine Act
16. Executive Order No. 453 o Directing the Enrolment of 2.5 Million Indigent families pursuant to E.O 276
17. AO No. 2010-0010 o ang Revised Policy on Micro Nutrient Supplementation to Support Achievement of 2015 MDG Targets to Reduce Maternal Deaths and Address Micronutrient needs of other population groups
18. Botika ng Barangay Program of the DOH
19. PD No. 79 Revising the Population Act of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy One
20. PhilHealth Circulars and Policy Guidelines
21. CCT program of the DSWD
22. PD No. 79 Revising the Population Act of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy One
23. Administrative order No. 2012-0009 -National Strategy Towards Reducing Unmet Need for Modern Family Planning as a means to Achieving MDGs on Maternal Health

There are two things I’m sure why someone would want a law to be passed, these are for the sanctions and foreign pressure. It’s not a law if it doesn’t have any sanctions. Foreign RH Groups (which include abortion access advocacy) pressure local RH groups like pro-abortion Likhaan. Go figure.

And why is Sen. Sotto the most cyberbullied Senator in the Philippines? Because that’s the only ammo that the pro-RH advocates have against Sotto’s exposés. What happens to them when they get a taste of their own medicine? They go berserk


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