Journey: A poem

Here’s a poem I wrote as a requirement for Humanities class way back 1998. Though it was a requirement, I was inspired when I wrote this. This poem is inspired by a modernist style conveying spirituality. Hope you like it. 🙂 Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. 🙂




Tick: You start your life’s journey at the rising of the sun

On the pavement you walked
   with the rhythm of your heart
The warmth falls touching your face
   tells you to move on, move on
Whispering grass, blooming of flow’rs
   greet you pleasingly, teasingly;
The thought of your destiny
   heartens you on, move on
Heat sits on its throne where he
   reigns with fire as its scepter.
Rays of power strikes its plan
   through skin so vulnerable.
As the dark shadows of the trees,
   invite you for longing refuge;
A man-sized block of wood along
   the way, prepared you your slumber.
The thought of your destiny
   quickens your footsteps, move on

Gone are the trials; threat now rules:
   though surrender was not yours.
The ground moistened by torrent rains;
   your footsteps stagger back slowly;
The dark makes you long for light…
   Decide. That you set what’s right:
The thought of destiny
   brings life to you again
The shallow foothold finds
   foundation in the core
Beat fastens as your steps
   find their way anew
Every step marking deep
   ‘til the last is held free
The battle is won now
   Out of that lurking dark

You end your life’s journey
   at the setting of the sun
On the pavement you walked
   with the rhythm of your heart
The soft touch of the sun
   inviting you to its arms

You throw yourself at last
   like a child to his father: tock.



2 thoughts on “Journey: A poem

  1. makki1615 says:

    The poem is really good!!
    I like it so much…
    Should I post my poem too?? => ^_^ 🙂

    (even though my poems are so gloomy…)

  2. teachertwish says:

    Thanks for liking my poem, makki1615! 🙂 Share your poem away. 🙂

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