Christmas Gift Suggestions for Teachers and other Strangers

Christmas is nearing and we are panicking again with our gifts shopping. We, teachers, get tons of gifts from our generous students, and we appreciate the thought. Here is a general criteria for buying gifts for people you don’t know personally:

  • Don’t give cologne. Some people prefer floral scents over citrus scents and vice versa. Give a citrus scented cologne to a teacher, and she won’t use it. It goes to the recycle bin.
  • Avoid giving fancy jewelry because these also require the person’s preference. Not everybody likes what you like.
  • Try to be creative. If you go to divisoria, you’ll see a lot of items that go within your budget (P50-P100) and will be the same items that others would see. Look for items that are not common. Assume that everybody else will be giving her purses, or pouch bags.
  • Try to be unique. You could buy a jar and fill it with different candies. Tie a colorful ribbon and voila!

But here are some suggestions to give teachers for Christmas:

  1. Consumables (e.g. lotion, body wash, all-time favorite chocolates)
  2. Gift certificates
  3. Unique school supplies (e.g. personalized notepads, multicolored whiteboard markers, good quality pens, multicolored pens)
  4. Fancy and trendy ID lanyards
  5. Cute, slim lunch boxes
  6. Shoe bag
What to avoid:
  • coffee mugs
  • purses
  • fancy jewelry
  • stickies
These are just suggestions and I know that beggars can’t be choosers. We just want our expenditures to go to where it is useful, and not to the recycle bin. If you have other gift suggestions or no-no’s, comment away.
Happy shopping! 🙂

One thought on “Christmas Gift Suggestions for Teachers and other Strangers

  1. Steve DeVane says:

    As the husband of a teacher, I have to say you deserve an “A” for these ideas. I would like to especially emphasize the suggestion to avoid coffee mugs. My wife doesn’t even drink coffee, but she gets one or two mugs every year.

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