Great Films for the Values Classroom

As an educator, you just have to learn how to build your film library as a resource for teaching in the classroom. What I have built most is a library of films that would be great in teaching virtues and/or values to the students. Here is a list (not in any particular order):

  1. Children of Heaven” (1997) – Teaches about sacrifice for the good of others, generosity in poverty
  2. Color of Paradise” (1997) – Teaches about acceptance of one’s defects, unselfish and unconditional love, sacrifice
  3. Not One Less” (1999) – Giving up the majority to look for one lost child, sacrifice, selfless love
  4. The Chorus” (2004) – Seeing the good in misbehaving children, people change, having authentic concern for persons
  5. Life is Beautiful” (1997) – Parent’s love for their child, true love, sacrifice, optimism
  6. To Live” (1994) – Sacrifice
  7. The Count of Monte Cristo” (2002) – justice vs revenge, hope
I could also make a list of films great for the English Classroom, but this is it for now. If you have other suggestions, please write it in the comments section. Make sure you that the values/virtues present in the movie are also mentioned.

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