NYC has P50M but no budget for WYD participants

A friend close to diplomats informed me that we can get funding for our WYD trip through the National Youth Commission who supposedly has funds backed up by a Republic Act. True enough, wanted to research if it were true, I found the Republic Act 8044 on the NYC website no less and it states:

SECTION 3. Development Program. – In order to attain the declared national policy, there is hereby established the “National Comprehensive and Coordinated Program on Youth Development”, hereinafter referred to as the “Development Program”.

The components of the development program are the following:

(d) Activities to operationalize the implementing structures of the Development Program, preparations and participation in activities of youth of global significance, including World Youth Day, and provide leadership an support therefor on a continuing sustained basis;

You don’t know how ecstatic I was to know that they indeed support WYD! And add to that:

SEC. 15. Appropriations. – There is hereby authorized to be appropriated the amount of Fifty million pesos (P50,000,000.00) as additional funding for the Commission, to be charged against the unexpended contingency funds of the Office of the President.

I told myself that even if they just give P10,000, the members of our group could be helped. I’m sure they’d be more than willing and we are backed up by the RA. Sadly, this is their response:

“Absence of funds”. Please, anyone, explain to me why there is absence of funds for the WYD despite the RA 8044.

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