From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

I wrote the following poem in 1997 when we first found out that Kuya had a brain tumor. We knew then that he won’t last long with us anymore and so I wrote this to reflect how I felt about it — trying to be optimistic and spiritual about the news.

At dusk, black was suddenly white
Change comes when it calls
It happens when one wills it right
As the sun sets, you lay where you were before

The shore you lay on was moist with salt
But joy is there because of that happy fault
The smile on your face matches the stars
Shining bright, your eyes are but set afar

The breeze of the sea whispers in your ear
Peace was yours and still, leaving you a sigh
Waves of the sea arches on high
Ebbing closer, closer to your feet — so near

You sleep with the orchestra of the wind,
The strings of palms, and the clashing of the waves
You awake from your rest with cheer
As you again realize: you are a dawn closer to Life.

And now, you are with Life, the Creator of life.*

* Added on May 12, 2010

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