Cupidtino: Dating site for Apple Fanboys and Fangirls

And so I thought there are just too many online dating sites. Here comes Cupidtino to add to that long list. Imagine, a specific dating site for – go figure – Apple fans! (“Cupidtino” is a pun for the famous address of the Apple headquarters, Cupertino.) Come to think of it, I think that’s a pretty viable idea. Apple users have somewhat become a cult and seeing a fellow Mac-user in Starbucks, for example, makes you feel like you’ve known the person for a long time. Seeing them makes you smile. Hey, it makes me somewhat smile, too!

Yeah, I’m a confessed Apple fangirl. 🙂 I have already owned three Macbooks to date: iBook G4, Macbook white, and now Macbook Aluminum. I have already owned two iPods: iPod 30GB and iPod Touch 16GB. Now, I have an iPhone 3GS 32GB (White). I have owned a Crumpler bag (which seems like the perfect bag for a Mac). I am a member of the Philippine Macintosh Users Group forum. I am also a member of the iPhone Jailbreaking cult at I have jailbroken iPod Touches of friends I have influenced into buying an Apple product. I am the unofficial Macbook IT professional in my workplace. My fellow Mac users (and I believe I was the first Apple user in my office) run to me for help, for the latest mac apps. I guess, yes, you just have to believe that I am an Apple fangirl. 🙂

As quoted in Mashable, Apple fans have a lot of things in common among them. There is a certain personality that makes a person prefer a Mac over a PC. And put two Apple fans in one room, they can talk about Apple accessories and peripherals all day long.

Apple fans are a minority that’s why it is refreshing to see other Apple users around — to talk to about their latest Apple finds and news. Apple fans find support in their (our) passion and addiction to the products. It’s just difficult to find someone to talk to about the “greatness” of Apple. Even the Chinese (imitators) look up to Apple because they are always the first in technological innovations. Come on, it was Apple’s idea to make the touchscreen work the way they should.

Will I join Cupidtino? Nah. I already have a handful of Mac fans to talk to. For a change, I would like to talk to a partner about his PC and brag and blog about my Mac.

Would you join Cupidtino? 🙂


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