Paseo De Sta. Rosa robbed me P10

Yes, Paseo De Sta. Rosa held me at gunpoint this morning and got P10 from me. I was just there last Sunday to pick up my laundry and I didn’t see any notice about paying as you enter. Now, this morning, the lady at the booth stops me, points to the notice on the side of her booth saying that effective May 5, 2010 (today), it will be pay as you enter and no more grace period of 30 minutes. And I was just going to drive thru Jollibee! Now that doesn’t take 15 minutes even!

In my whole life of mall hopping, this is the first commercial center where they don’t offer grace period. Daig pa nila ang Alabang Town Center nyan! As if they have better restaurants, better shops, and better services to offer.

With the new policy, I cannot just:

  • drop and pick up my laundry at Wash, Dry and Fold (Paseo 3) anymore.
  • drive thru Jollibee anymore (McDo LBA na lang Jollibee Brunswick near Waltermart)
  • withdraw money from Metrobank ATM
  • go to the Greenfield office to submit my complaint letter because I have to pay P10 to submit a complaint about the P10 fee!

Actually, before we started paying for parking at Paseo, we would be able to go there every single day to relax, have a simple meal at Chowking or Jollibee.

When they started asking for P10 for parking, it broke my heart. I have to pay P10 to enter now.

Now, with no more grace period, I will go to Paseo as if I were going to Alabang Town Center (planned leisure). Good thing there’s still Nuvali nearby with better restaurants, National Bookstore and Starbucks to boot, and without parking fee! Or better yet, Alabang Town Center na lang!

Who does Paseo de Sta. Rosa cater to anyway? To those in Manila? They service the residents nearby for crying out loud. Yes, they have all the right to create their policy on parking, but consider necessity. Comment if you don’t like this new policy. Grrrrr!

Update: I just emailed Greenfield customer service a long letter of complaint. I wonder how they will respond.


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