Jejemonic Culture = Pop Culture

Let me get it straight: I don’t think there’s a need for Jejebusters to create such a big issue on jejemons. It’s simply part of our culture.

According to Lourd de Veyra’s blog, Jejenese, like any legit language or dialect, it’s very consistent. Being consistent then means that there is some structure. To prove, there is an online translator for it! Having structure, there is intelligence being employed. And anything with structure is organized. Being organized, we can just simply rest the case of the Jejemons as part of our very complex culture.

It’s way better than bading language because Jejenese employs certain characters to spell out their words. It’s a subculture of our Filipino Pop culture. It is actually very complex and deserves some research. Jejenese takes off from Jologs. Like what de Veyra said, it’s the new jologs.

It’s enough to appreciate their creativity. I can’t invent a language just like that and make people use it. Jejenese is ingenuous.

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