In Defense of Noynoy?

A friend of mine, an English professor from the Ateneo shared with me this blog written by no less than Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao, former Finance Secretary, and a very devout Catholic (take my word for it). It was an interesting read from a very reputable person in politics and someone very active in the field of good governance programs.

I say interesting because he is in defense of Noynoy Aquino. He uses the following 4 criteria, and I quote:

“a)     Putting country and its interests above personal interests;

b)    Sacrificing for the long-term strength of our democratic institutions instead of weakening them;

c)     Having the character to face in a balanced manner many (not just one) inter-related issues that we need to confront as a nation;

d)    Having a strategy for moving our economy and society forward with citizen participation and meaningful involvement of all sectors at all levels of society.”

Using the same criteria, based on what I have read on the internet and what I would see on TV, Noynoy concretely fails in criteria #2 (lack of proof) and #3 (he behaved poorly against black propaganda against him). I am giving Criteria #1 away for him because he directly talks about it in his advertisements.

If we are really just limiting our choices with the top 3 (I can’t believe Dr. Estanislao believes in survey results!) presidentiables, then perhaps the former Finance Secretary is right. But the problem is, we cannot assume fully that the top presidentiables in surveys have the political possibility. All, but Jamby, JC, and Bro. Eddie, have political possibility of winning. Based then on the 4 criteria presented to us, Gibo fits the bill. If this is the case, then I should put my vote on Gibo.

P.S. I still cannot forgive Noynoy for instigating People Power if he loses because he assumes that he is cheated. I still cannot forgive Noynoy for directly putting Jocjoc Bolante into bad light in one of his advertisements. I still cannot forgive him for the “cult of Noynoy” he has created. I still think we need a more optimistic and positive leader who does not sling mud — that’s just trapo.

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