The repressed side of Noynoy

The only thing we know about Noynoy is that he is not corrupt at pipiliin ang daan mat’wid. Here are some links to articles written by credible people about their opinion about Noynoy.

Kudos to Noynoy and his supporters for keeping his real track record and skills unknown though. Here are some of my food for thoughts on this “leading” Presidential candidate:

  • Proclaimed himself winner based on surveys.
  • Will call on People Power if he loses?
  • He will only lose because some other candidate cheated? (ang taas naman ng value ng surveys)
  • He is pro-minority: homosexual groups, anti-life groups.
  • Poisons the well: Talked bad about Jocjoc Bolante blatantly in one of his endorsements of one of his candidates. (Does he have to?)
  • Uses his parents’ reputation, symbols, gestures as if he has the same stand as his parents.
  • Pikon. Ang pikon ay laging talo. When his “Laban” cry was mocked by a famous sportsman, he had his sister, Kris, defend him. He didn’t even say something about it!
  • Yahoo! had a difficult time scheduling an interview with him. Y! wasn’t able to schedule one.

This is black propaganda? No. I am just stating my opinion based on my own research. I was a victim of black propaganda. I am just glad I read up.

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