“The Church should change its views on contraception.”

I so often hear these statements in the news and I simply just abhor them. Let me translate that statement to you in Jesus’ language:

“Jesus should keep up with the times. Many of his followers are now having sex and we cannot stop them. Let’s just make them use condoms. There were no condoms during Jesus’ time so he never talked about it.”

Oh, I tell you, Jesus’ words were and are eternal. Jesus being God doesn’t change his mind. He will never change his mind on sexuality, on the virtue of temperance, and on sex being a sacred act and not an act of entertainment. Jesus’ words then were final and there is no changing them.

The role of the Catholic Church is precisely to apply Jesus’ words into the modern times. The Church would ask themselves WWJD (What would Jesus do)? Or, what would Jesus tell them about condoms?

What many cafeteria Catholics fail to see is that Jesus will not change for them. They think that Jesus will always want what they want. They believe in a religion where the rules are their rules. “I don’t think premarital sex is wrong, so my God should allow me to do it.” They justify their wrong decisions and beliefs, rather than ask for forgiveness from the God who said that it’s wrong. Ah pride. That’s what pride can do to us: not ask for forgiveness. Not admit our faults. Mind you, it was Lucifer’s weakness, too.

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