Survey Biases

Oh, and just some thoughts on these surveys. When the SWS and other surveys alike came out showing Noynoy and Villar on the top, I already knew these surveys are biased. All the more when I heard that one of these survey firms are owned by Aquino’s cousin — ugh, no less!

Plus, the news that Gordon was offered a package if he wanted a survey.

Being a researcher myself, I know how biased these surveys are and how you can definitely control the results by how you choose your questions and most especially how you are going to choose your survey participants. You do this because, let’s face it, we want to prove our thesis.

Ah, and the ultimate proof of bias is the latest CBCP survey where JC delos Reyes topped it. I thought that the CBCP survey will do a lot of good to discredit the other surveys.

Don’t get influenced by these surveys. Think for your own. Don’t let a bunch of 2,000 people out of millions of actual voters sway you from who you should really vote. Listen to your conscience, and you won’t go wrong.

Don’t be like the Candidate X mentioned in this editorial who relies on survey results and would call on a People Power if he loses. Assuming masyado, ha? I wonder how his supporters defend him on this statement.

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