Separation between Church and State

Some Catholics are still unaware of how the separation between Church and State works. Well, they do understand 50% of it and, sadly, they just see how the Church should not meddle on State affairs.

Many unknowing Catholics think that they should not interfere with whatever the State decides for its people. The problem is this: in the same that Church should not meddle on earthly affairs, the State should also not meddle with Church affairs. Now, the Church affairs concern the moral formation (building the criteria of its followers to be able to know what’s right and what’s wrong). The Church then only interferes — or seems to make pakialam with the State — when the State is already interfering with moral formation of its people.

“The separation of Church and State prohibits the State from interfering in Church matters, and prohibits the State from having a State religion. It does not imply a division between belief and public actions, between moral principles and political choices. In fact, the freedom of religion upheld by our Constitution protects the right of believers and religious groups to practice their faith and act on their values in public life.”

CBCP Online News

Gosh, these so-called “mga paring ito” are only humans with doctorate degrees in Theology, Philosophy (including studying philosophies of the greatest economists, linguists, politicians even). And who are we with a Bachelors Degree in Economics or Business Administration to say about the complex role of the Church in society?

More gosh. We bachelor and masteral degree holders think we know better than the priests (including the Cardinals and the Pope) about Church and State separation. Sheesh!

Why aren’t crying “Foul!” when the State interferes on how the Church should shut its mouth on contraception? Isn’t that a moral question? I’m sure you will argue it is an economic issue, but we all know that it’s all for the sake of lambasting these “conservative priests.”

Let’s not forget that the real reason why AIDS has not proliferated in the Philippines unlike in Africa and the US is basically because of the Church’s ultra-conservative stand on contraception, abortion, sex, and homosexuality. Thank God for these ultra-conservative Church!

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