Pilipinas Really Got Talent and a note on Jejemons

Kailangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yan? Some Filipinos need some urgent education on Philippine pop culture. These Jejemon and Jejenese hype is just part of a culture the rich kids call “jologs”. Sadly though, what they fail to recognize is that this is our culture. Only Filipinos are capable of creating such language because we are creative.

According to the revised Bloom’s taxonomy, the highest order of thinking is CREATIVITY. Any creative output requires analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. So don’t belittle these creative outputs.

On a more neutral side, PGT has indeed shown one of the best talents of our country. I’m just sooooo glad that it has given the lowly population who perhaps lack the X Factor in looks, but do have the talent to wow our countrymen, and the world. I would like to personally present to you Jovit Baldovino. He probably doesn’t have the looks of Dennis Trillo or Ding Dong Dantes, but we know what make-up and good taste in fashion can do to a person. Or maybe he doesn’t have to. The voice is enough.

For those who call Filipinos copy cats? Regardless of your opinion, Filipinos still got talent.

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