8 days until May 10 Philippine Elections

It is just 8 days before the elections and I still can’t stand politicians who sling mud at each other like children who are “pikon”. Ayaw magpatalo. They are not satisfied with clarifying the allegations, they hit them back with their own black propaganda. When this happens between two parties, I don’t think they deserve my vote.

I do not want a leader who does not know how to build network. A good leader knows how to create unity and not division. We need a leader like Cory Aquino who unites and has no stain of corruption. But we also need a leader with the character of Gloria Arroyo. We don’t need a leader who will degrade the dignity of our nation. We don’t need a leader who does not know how to handle adversity.

All leaders are bashed with black propaganda, and how they handle it now shows what kind of leader they will be. No one changes overnight, or even over a month. We don’t expect our leaders to change when they are elected into the position. we cannot risk our vote on that hope.

Let’s choose wisely. Let’s vote for someone who already shows character, who knows how to deal with media dogs, and who knows how to make friends with enemies and who is not, well errr, pikon.

Let’s pray for honest and clean elections, too.

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